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Recent Customer Testimonials

"I am very fascinated with Jim's organizational skills, attention to details, and turnaround capabilities of less than one day. The quality of his work speaks for itself. Thanks very much Jim. You are awesome!"

"Jim, I just want to say 'God bless you!' You really helped me with my resume. And I feel without it I would not feel as confident as I do right now, I know I couldn't have done it without you. Thank You Jim for taking the time and helping me with my resume. And again God bless you."

"Working on my resume with Jim was seamless. He breaks down each section into concise blocks of relevant information that sells YOU to any employer. Resume building broken down to an art. Jim is fun and a total professional."

"I thought the Resume writing went exactly as advertised. No forms to fill out, you were professional and well organized, and in the end I received an honest great resume that I simply would have had the skills to write."

"Thanks so much Jim, your service is the best all around, It was fast and painless, I would recommend it to anyone. Great Job!"

"I had contacted several resume professionals, who wanted from $300 - $500. I was referred to Jim and found that his only agenda was to help me get an interview and then a job. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking in the job market."

"Resume looked great! I appreciate the way it was detailed and organized. It was a pleasure talking to Jim. Everything very professional, but it also was done very personal . He stayed with me till he was sure it came through."

"It was great working with Jim. He coached me thru the up dating process of my resume. We worked on my resume Sunday morning (Yes SUNDAY!!!). I will recommend Jim all my friends and to everyone I come in contact with, who is in need of updating their resume. Thanks a lot Jim."

"What a joy it was to work with Jim on developing a GREAT resume! With his help I was able to put on paper what I only thought about...but could never seem to do. With a click of a button, I have a SUPER resume that I am sure will get me the results I am seeking. Thanks Jim."

"Hello Jim, I was just writing to let you know that my resume turned out really good. It's only been about two weeks and I already have three offers to choose from. My old resume was not working. Thank you very much....... "

"When I felt that it was time for me to write a resume I went ahead with a professional. I can not be more please with the work that Jim did with me. He understands you and motivated you in been honest and enthusiastic about who you are in the professional field and what are you looking for to work towards your benefits. If you ever want to be successful in your resume give Jim a call. You will be surprised."

"What a great way to update a resume in a hurry! I got exactly what I wanted at a fair price. Thank you Jim for your professionalism, and prompt response in every area."

"My experience working together with Jim on my resume was very enjoyable and painless. I actually have a resume of high quality and impressive at the same time. I cannot thank you enough."

"Hi, Jim: Just wanted to take a minute to again express my gratitude for the outstanding job you did bringing my resume into the present! Your courteous, professional approach made it a painless and enjoyable experience and the end result is a teriffic resume I can cut and paste without hesitation as job offers catch my eye. The return on a very small investment of my time and money has proven to be way beyond my expectations. Thanks for helping me past a once-considered formidable obstacle on my path to a new career!"

"Wow, I got a return telephone call by a "real" person in less than an hour after I emailed in my current resume!! The following night, after a one-on- one telephone call, I had my new, great looking, updated and archived resume in my less than 24hrs after sending in my request!!!"

"Jim- thank you very much for the resume. Before I found your website I was stressing on doing the resume prior to my job interview. The resume looks wonderful. I went on the interview and my prospect was impressed with the resume. I have not heard back from them but if it made an impression on this company it will for the others that I send the resume to. I will definetly refer friends/family to you because it did not take you all day to do my resume. I spent an hour on the phone with you and wow in about 15-20 minutes I had it in my inbox. Thank you very much you were a blessing."

"Hey Jim! I just received it and it looks fantastic. I feel more confident sending this resume out to future employers. Thank you for your time and effort. You were very easy to work with and easy to talk to. Thank you so much."

"I was extremely impressed with the service I received. Jim always returned phone calls and was very helpful and attentive when constructing my resume. He articulated my life experiences in a brief yet eye catching way that would have taken me days to think of. I would recommend him to anyone."

"What a relief!!!! I have written resumes before and trust me, they are not fun. Believe or not, I was already given the job (he called me and approached me for the position), but at the last minute, my new boss wanted my resume to put in the file. I didn't want to look unprofessional and I didn't have a current resume on hand. So, I sat down and started writing. It didn't take me more that 5 minutes to start looking for Jim online. Within, 2 hours, I had my resume in hand to give to my new boss. Thank you Jim for your service and willingness to provide it so fast!!!!!"

"I would like to thank you for being so kind and professional. You've made me feel positive in achieving my goal within my present job. I will recommend your services to everyone! You handle my resume in a timely manner and time was an issue, until I found your web-site. The cost was well worth it, "time is Money". Jim, your talent in writing my resume made me feel more confident and relaxed. Thanks again for all your help."

"Jim, simply put, your ability to focus on the essential or core value of any applicant and effectively have that stand out in the resumes/cover letters you draft was the greatest benefit of your services. I have compared my own previous efforts versus the result of your "editing" and I would put the resume you prepared for me over my own in scheduling an interview. You do not understate, but concisely relate the most attractive attributes to hiring managers without overstating or overselling someone's experience or duties. I would catchphrase you as "the resume editor with the right stuff, for the right price." Thanks for all your help!"

"After reading the info on Jim's site, I sent him an e-mail with a question or two. I was amazed how fast he replied back to me. That same night! I was so impressed that I processed my order for a resume the next day. I scheduled an appointment for the evening, and as promised, "Jim the Friendly Resume Writer" called me and went right at it. Now I have a wonderful looking resume, and best of all fast!! Thanks again Jim."

"You are amazing, Jim, for your speedy response in getting my professional resume' designed and written in such short order. You took all the stress out of the task and your wording is absolutely excellent! Your nominal fee is very much appreciated. I will be proud to forward this resume' to all prospective employers. Your name will be passed on to many friends in need of a resume'. You are straightforward, to the point and you got the job done in minimum time and effort at a reasonable price. What a combination!! Thank you!" Vody