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Our many years of experience writing high-quality resumes allow us to market your strengths, accomplishments and talents in a compelling manner. When writing your resume, we strive to carefully select words and phrases which will motivate your prospective employer to pick up the telephone and invite you to come in for a hiring interview.

We will work together on the phone to create a powerfully-written and attractively-designed resume you will be PROUD of.
There is no need to fill out forms before we begin! (This willl save you time and energy.)

We will tailor both your resume and cover letter to your specific job search goals (whether you are responding to a newspaper ad, working with a recruiter, or broadcasting your resume over the Internet). We guarantee you will receive unmatched personal service which far exceeds your small $49.95 investment.
About Us

Work with a Resume Expert!

"Your Success is Our Success"

We have written several thousand resumes over the last 19 years. Your resume will receive the attention of a SKILLED PROFESSIONAL RESUME WRITER . . . not an untrained amateur who recently decided to "hang up a shingle" and start selling Internet resumes a few days ago.  Tip: BE CAREFUL what company you hire to write your resume!--the Internet is a "jungle" full of flaky resume services.  Don't waste your money or get taken-advantage of by dishonest or unskilled resume companies with flashy websites.  Your career success depends upon having an OUTSTANDING resume. (You do NOT want to end up with an over-priced, vague and poorly-worded resume that puts the reader to sleep.)  Please forgive this candid talk. However, every week at ResumeIn1Hour we receive resumes for "re-do's" from customers who previously went to OTHER resume websites. We have "seen it all."  The Good News, is if you have already received a 3rd-class, poorly-written resume from another resume site, all is not lost.  Just bring us your resume and we can fix it for you.

During our 19 years in business, we have helped many, many clients get the interviews they wanted (even in tough job markets), land multiple job offers (even when coworkers were being laid-off from downsizing or outsourcing) and increase their lifetime earning potential.

Company Profile

Certified Resume Writer (over 6,000,000 resumes written).
Numerous Satisfied Customer Testimonials (see website).
Thoroughly skilled in the development of strategic resumes.
FREE delivery of your resume to multiple email addresses.

We protect your privacy (no email spamming or sharing data).
We want your resume writing experience to be painless and encouraging.
We will emphasize your strengths and make you feel good about yourself, both on the phone and on paper. In the real world, this positive "Attitude Ammunition" is essential for landing your dream job!