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History of Nations -


Welcome to History of Nations!  This site has a history of every nation in the world as well as many  non-sovereign territories.  Each country is covered by a brief essay which gives the highlights of each nation's history. All information is based on content from the US State Department and other public domain sources with new material added.

These are:

Africa -  This is for the nations of the world which are located in Africa.  This includes some of the island nations which lie off of the coast of Africa.  It also includes Egypt which also has territory in Asia.

Asia - This is for the nations of the world which are located in Asia.  It includes Taiwan even though Taiwan is technically not independent of China.

Europe - This is for the nations of the world located in Europe.  It includes Russia which is mostly in Asia but is considered a European nation.  It also includes Turkey which is also mostly located in Asia. 

North America - This is for the nations of the world located in North America.  This includes most of Central America and the island nations of the Caribbean.

Oceania - This is for the nations of the world located in the Pacific which are not considered part of Asia.  This includes Australia and New Zealand.

South America - This is for the nations of the world located in South America.

History Posters - History of Nations has partnered with to offer a selection of history themed posters.  This includes African Culture, Asian Culture, Australian and New Zealand Culture and many more.

About History of Nations:

Please note that much of the history data on this site is from public domain text at the United State Department of State Background Notes.  This information has been modified (extensively in many cases) to make the information more accurate, reduce pro-American bias, and to keep each national history current. In addition, several other public domain sources have been used with considerable modification for articles as well.  Although the text at the State Department site is in the public domain, nothing at this site is in the public domain.   The unique changes made to the text is copyrighted and if you reproduce it without permission you may be held legally liable for copyright infringement.  If you want to data dump public domain history text, go to the State Department site listed above. 

The text of this site did NOT originate at any online user contributed encyclopedia.  Many of the articles are similar because many of these user contributed encyclopedias and History of Nations have seeded national histories from the same public domain text.  Although many have been confused about this fact, History of Nations is not a mirror of the content of these encyclopedias and does not have to link to these encyclopedia articles and does not have to comply with any licensing requirements. 

Would you like to help support this site?  If so, buy your book from Cheap Books. A portion of all sales from Amazon that originate from the cheap books site benefits the History of Nations.

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